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Archive for May 2014

Naked Cakes

Now we all love a fully decorated cake, bride and groomsman, but summer is just around the corner and its time to show a the goods; baked goods that is! These 2014 naked cakes are going to be all the rage for upcoming marriages. Now that the frosting is off we can enjoy the aesthetics…

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Throw Back: Shortest Celebrity Weddings!

Now, we here at PlanningSavvy do not condone gossip, but we cannot help but spill the tea about past celebrity weddings, throwback edition! To begin with a couple that was infamously famous in the late 50’s: Sunny and Cher. Their divorce was finalized in the summer of 1957, and not even three days after her…

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Wacky Wedding Proposals

If you’re one of those people that love the unconventional, here are three wacky wedding proposals that we’ve found for you to enjoy. First up on our list is a man who proposed to his girlfriend on Halo 3. This clever graphic designer created a map for, his then girlfriend, and him to play a…

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Big News for Domestic Partners

In an article sponsored in USA Today, we have come to find out that all domestic partnerships will be converted to marriage licenses by June 30th in all of Washington State! This change, passed in November of 2012, will allow for couples to get, “Social Security survivor benefits, the ability to file a federal tax…

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Best time of year to get married in Seattle?

In a city so known for its rain, grunge music, and the liberal arts, we now try to explore what times of year are the best to get married in Seattle. US statistics state that June is the number one month to get married no matter what city you’re in. However, Seattle’s weather, the seasonal…

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Elegant Pastels in Spring

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the clouds are finally starting to disappear in rainy Seattle. This spring add a splash of picture perfect pastels to your wedding day. Colors are an essential piece of any wedding day; they set the tone for your guest.  Some great colors for spring of 2014…

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Gay Honeymoon Destinations

Since referendum 74 has been passed in Washington there have been more than 600 same-sex marriages in the state alone. However, if you and your loved one want to get out of the country and explore some exotic places, please consider these friendly destinations: ·      First on our list is France, the city of love.…

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Up-cycling Brides Maid Dresses

So it’s that time of year again. Spring-cleaning is under way and upon looking through your closet, you find your bridesmaid dress from your besties wedding, collecting dust. Instead of allowing that little gem to collect dust, create a signature look. A cool way to style a tea length and/or shorter brides maid dress would…

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