Naked Cakes

Now we all love a fully decorated cake, bride and groomsman, but summer is just around the corner and its time to show a the goods; baked goods that is! These 2014 naked cakes are going to be all the rage for upcoming marriages. Now that the frosting is off we can enjoy the aesthetics of the cakes’ rich fillings and the color of the natural cake. As well as the decorative fruits, flowers and other garnishments that make the intricate designs presented.

These cakes are perfect for rustic themed weddings. These cakes bring old-world charm to a wedding inspired by days of futures past. But these cakes still pose a serious question: how will I keep the sucker moist?

The answer is within our vendors.  If you decide to go with one of our many, skilled cake designers you wont have a drying problem! They know all the tricks of the trade to get the cake to stay moist. So don’t worry about the moistness and just enjoy the day with your soon to be beloved.



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