Elegant Pastels in Spring

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the clouds are finally starting to disappear in rainy Seattle. This spring add a splash of picture perfect pastels to your wedding day. Colors are an essential piece of any wedding day; they set the tone for your guest.  Some great colors for spring of 2014 are peachy nudes, purply pink and hues of aqua blue. However, you don’t want to wedding to turn into a big Easter egg.

Elegant ways to add pastel colors to your big day are in your bouquets, through your bridesmaid dresses and the bridal manicure. Dress your bridesmaids in elegant fabrics with ribbons of purply pink and aqua blues, to add that perfect pop for a spring wedding. You can also highlight these colors through the bouquet, add seasonal flowers to your bouquet, to highlight these pops of pastels. Keeping with the theme of spring, have yourself and your bridesmaids get seasonal manicures. Again add that perfect hue of elegance to add to your seasonal wedding, with the different pastels you can display on the big day.


Again to keep you’re wedding from looking like an Easter egg hunt gone wrong, keep it simple. Add pops of purply-pinks, aqua blues and peachy nudes in not so noticeable places. Your guests will enjoy the feeling of spring if you keep to these perfect pastels.