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The Beauty of the Overcast Wedding

It’s a week until the big day and all signs are pointing to clear, sunny skies. But then—to your horror—when the day-of rolls around, so do the clouds. The wedding is ruined, right? Wrong! If you find yourself caught in overcast weather that just won’t budge on your wedding day, there’s no need to worry.…

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Destination Wedding Do’s and Dont’s

Do Start Early. Once you’ve chosen a location, get those invites out the door, stat! Guests will need time to organize their travel plans and make the necessary accommodations. And especially if you are looking to celebrate your special day at a high-demand location, make sure to hire vendors, book hotels, and reserve venues at…

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

The old adage is so true! But, this year, along with the beautiful flowers comes a dash of sparkle. According to one of Pasadena florist near me, Kristine Williams of Flowers By K, brides are going old school. “They really want that elegant, classic feel. The soft, flowy florals with sparkles and glitter.” No longer…

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