Fabulous Flowers!

When I arrived at Fena Flowers I was immediately greeted with the sound of 80’s music blasting and the sight of flowers being rushed around for corsages, mothers day pieces, and special arrangements. I had been told that I would be making my own corsage and boutonniere for prom, and I, an uncoordinated intern, was terrified and unsure of how I would pull this task off. As we walked into the other room, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and flowers were eloquently strewn about everywhere; as someone who loves flowers, it looked as though I’d stumbled into heaven. I was lucky enough to meet with Judy Tsuchida, who is the owner of Fena Flowers. First, she instructed me to a back room where I got to pick the color and type of flower to use, she recommended tea roses and I obediently agreed. We then went back out into the other room, where she showed me how to delicately spear the tea roses onto wires, then  bend the wire and put tape around the whole thing. This took Judy three seconds and me about thirty minutes. We then bunched all the roses and some other things we had wired and taped (Lily of the valley, a rhinestone bracelet, greenery) and connected them into a stunning corsage. We then topped it all off with a Barbie pink and rose gold bow and twisted the end of the wires, using a chopstick. Finally, we spritzed it with some water to keep it fresh. By the time prom came around, I had two beautiful pieces that received many compliments, and I owed it all to Judy and Fena Flowers. Make sure you call Fena Flowers for you next event. You will not be disappointed!