Wacky Wedding Proposals

If you’re one of those people that love the unconventional, here are three wacky wedding proposals that we’ve found for you to enjoy.

First up on our list is a man who proposed to his girlfriend on Halo 3. This clever graphic designer created a map for, his then girlfriend, and him to play a two-on-two battle against his buddies. He coaxed her to go into a field where he said he hid an energy sword and then popped the question through artillery assembled in the words “Marry Me?” (Murano, 2009).

Second on our list of wacky proposals is Felix Flores, a mustang enthusiast who popped the question to his girlfriend through a clever orchestration of Ford Mustangs. He, like our graphic designer, also proposed by creating the words “will you marry me?” through the use of several ford mustangs! His girlfriend, being the enthusiast she is, of course said yes (Marriage Proposals Using Unconventional Products, n.d.)!

Now this next proposal, is something you will just have to see to believe. This proposal video will melt your heart.


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