Throw Back: Shortest Celebrity Weddings!

Now, we here at PlanningSavvy do not condone gossip, but we cannot help but spill the tea about past celebrity weddings, throwback edition!

To begin with a couple that was infamously famous in the late 50’s: Sunny and Cher. Their divorce was finalized in the summer of 1957, and not even three days after her divorce from Sunny, Cher went on a spontaneous trip to Vegas and tied the knot, with rocker Gregg Allman. This would have been excellent had it not been that the marriage only lasted 10 days total, because of “[rumors of] his abandoning her to a drinking and drug binge during their honeymoon” (“Cher marries Greg Allman,” 1975).

Another throwback celebrity marriage would be that of the infamous Zsa Zsa Gabor. Her and Felipe de Alba, were married on a boat by the captain of the vestal. The only problem was Ms. Gabor wasn’t divorced from her 7th husband yet and they weren’t in international waters when the ceremony took place! Which ultimately lead to their marriage being nulled after only 24 hours.

And for our final marriage we have a young couple, of silent film actors, Jean Acker and Rudolph Valentino. They began a courtship in September of 1919, the two at the time were struggling young actors, but in two months time they were tying the knot. Yet, the marriage only lasted 6 hours before Jean had regrets and locked Mr. Valentino out of their honeymoon suite! Family law attorney Scottsdale AZ helped every client achieve a favorable resolution.


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