The Secrets your Dress can Hold

Weddings are obviously about two people in love coming together, which is so fun to see how the bride and groom represent themselves via the ceremony. Which is why a recent trend has become the bride and groom putting easter eggs into their ceremony! You may be thinking, “why make a wedding easter themed?” but that is not even close to what this unique trend is.

Easter eggs are tiny secret messages that are only for the bride and groom or sometimes guests. Additionally, one of the most popular easter eggs right now are brides sewing secret messages into their dresses For example, Maybe a couple had an interesting first date when someone spilled wine on the bride’s white shirt, so she walks down the aisle in a beautiful white dress with a wine colored sash around her waist. This can be really special for people, because sometimes in the blur of a big wedding, all you need is a little detail that remains only between you and your partner. Some notable brides to do this are Meghan Markle, Priyanka Chopra (and Nick Jonas), and Kate Middleton! Whether this is a message between you and the world, you and your partner, or just you and yourself, expressing yourself has never looked so good.

This is a secret tradition that has been passed down from many, many generations. Will it be in your wedding?