Incorporating Color Your Way



Happy 2018 all you fabulous engaged couples out there!! The new year is here, your wedding date is set, plans are in the works and now the color of the year has been announced. Ultra violet! You got it – the color of purple. Yep, I said it. Purple. So, do you use it or lose it? You never imagined having purple in your wedding color palette?? Well, think again! There are so many ways to incorporate shades of violet, with or without it being the main color of your theme. And, there are so many beautiful shades of lavenders, lilacs, purples and more, especially in spring and summer florals, that by the time you finish reading this post, you will be asking, no begging your florist and planner to help you bring it into your decor!

So, let’s start from the beginning of your planning process and go right to your invitations. It’s no longer the days of simple white invitations. Now you have Pinterest and every online stationer imaginable to help you with designing your beautiful save-the-dates, invitations and thank you notes. So, incorporating a touch of violet in those is no problem at all. With the touch of the mouse, and a search field, you can quickly begin by seeing everything that has anything to do with a purple invitation (or any shade you search for!). Then, you can narrow it down from there. Whether it’s a floral patter, just the envelope color, a ribbon accent, you name it!

As for your decor, just a splash of color can be beautiful. From dusty lavender roses to big, full hydrangeas or lilacs, purple linens or fun uplights, there are so many ways to incorporate this fun color into your palette. You can add in great backdrops to photo booths too – fun ribbons or sparkly beads hanging from the backdrop. Plus, don’t forget about your beautiful dining reception hall. With your centerpieces, you can add in all different accent pieces that have hues of purples, including candles and votive holders, colored glass, floral arrangements, party favors, your table numbers, the linens themselves, including the napkins, overlays or even a fun runner!  

Also, don’t forget about your wedding party. Because there are so many fun shades of purple, if you are open to having your gals find their own dresses, then you can give them a few hues to work with and have them find their own dresses that match their style and personalities. Then, have groomsmen in fitting suits with all matching ties and hankies that coordinate in their shades. What a fun way to tie it all in! Or, if you would prefer a more clean, matched up look, then pick one color and coordinate the entire look. But, take into consideration all of your wedding party and what would look best on each of them. Make sure you talk to them and get their opinions too. Since they have to wear the outfits all day, you want them to feel confident and comfortable. So making sure they not only stand up for you but stand behind your choice is always a plus!

So, do a little, do a lot, whatever you decide. Hey, it’s your day! Just know, in the end, there are so many things to choose from and it will look amazing. But, no matter what, just do it your way!!