The Beauty of the Overcast Wedding

It’s a week until the big day and all signs are pointing to clear, sunny skies. But then—to your horror—when the day-of rolls around, so do the clouds. The wedding is ruined, right?

Wrong! If you find yourself caught in overcast weather that just won’t budge on your wedding day, there’s no need to worry. Believe it or not, overcast skies will make for some of the best photos. The cloud cover creates a gentle, subdued, and consistent light that will assure your big moment is captured with no awkward shadows, no unpleasant squinting, and no glaring overexposure. In fact, many photographers prefer overcast light to sunny light. So, you might even want to cross your fingers for some grey skies when you tie the knot. After all, you only get to walk down the aisle once, so why not make sure it’s captured perfectly?


Overcast Photography