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How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Make your wedding a blast for guests of all ages! If many of your guests have children, its easy to stress out about how you’lll keep them all entertained and well behaved. But with these four helpful ideas, putting on a tantrum-free, worry-free celebration will be a piece of cake. Kid-Friendly Food The most important…

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Taking the First Look

In a traditional wedding ceremony at Tradewinds Hotel, it’s customary that the bride and groom don’t catch a look of one another until the moment she’s walking down the aisle. This first glimpse can be one of the most emotional parts of the wedding, both for the couple and the guests. However, sharing such an…

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The Beauty of the Overcast Wedding

It’s a week until the big day and all signs are pointing to clear, sunny skies. But then—to your horror—when the day-of rolls around, so do the clouds. The wedding is ruined, right? Wrong! If you find yourself caught in overcast weather that just won’t budge on your wedding day, there’s no need to worry.…

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