Flowers Shmowers, Who Needs a Floral Centerpiece?

Have bad allergies? On a tight budget? Looking for a modern twist? Then non-floral centerpieces are for you! While flowers and big bouquets are a classic spring and summertime look, these five alternatives are perfect for a fresh, unique table design!


A candle-lit lantern makes the perfect romantic centerpiece to any table. Lanterns come in so many styles there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect one to complete your wedding’s look.

Lantern Centerpiece

Sea Shells and Coral

A small glass jar of beachside treasures will be all you need to compliment your nautical-themed wedding. Lay a bed of sand down in the bottom of the jar and compliment with light blues and greens for an airy seaside look.

Seashell Centerpiece

Craft Flowers

If real flowers are out but you’re still hung up on images of beautiful, blossoming florals, give faux-flowers a try! Made from either fabric or paper, handmade blooms are an excellent, low cost way to get that classic spring look. Plus, they won’t wither or die, so you can keep using them after the wedding day!

Fabric Flowers


 Oversized balloons tied to a colorful, rock-filled, fabric pouch add instant elegance to your tables. Sleek, simple, and fun at a super-low cost, balloon centerpieces are the ultimate non-floral centerpiece.

Up-Cycled Bottles

For a chic and modern centerpiece look, try glass bottles spray-painted silver. Perfect for urban and rustic weddings alike, metallic bottles are a dynamic option that keeps your centerpiece looking contemporary and bright. A fun alternative to silver-spray painted bottles is cemented plastic bottles—these will create a clean, industrial look for your centerpiece.