Destination Wedding Do’s and Dont’s

Do Start Early. Once you’ve chosen a location, get those invites out the door, stat! Guests will need time to organize their travel plans and make the necessary accommodations. And especially if you are looking to celebrate your special day at a high-demand location, make sure to hire vendors, book hotels, and reserve venues at least 10 months in advance to save stress and cut costs.

Don’t Stress When People Can’t Make It. Travel is expensive and time-consuming, so making the trip out to a remote wedding location just might not be feasible for some of your guests. Instead of stressing over those who can’t attend, focus on the friends and family that will be joining you on your big day and perhaps offer a small, close-to-home celebration before the wedding itself so that all your loved ones can join you!


Do Be Yourself. Get to know the personality of the location and make sure it fits with your personal style. If you’re a skier, perhaps pick a mountainside lodge at your favorite alpine location. Or if you’re a foodie, try a rustic getaway in the French countryside. If you want to have live music, hire the right wedding music bands. As long as it fits with your vision of your wedding, it’s sure to be a hit.

Don’t Make it Impossible. If you’ve got your heart Florida Keys or the Bahamas, you may want to reconsider. Choosing in-demand and ultra-luxurious destinations will quickly put you—and your guests—over budget. Instead, try to find a more modest location that has sentimental meaning to you and your significant other.

Do Know Your Vendors. Most importantly, pick local vendors who are familiar with the area. With a destination wedding, everything is in the hands of the vendor and you will not have the opportunity to work as hands-on with them. It’s vital that you or your wedding planner meet face-to-face with potential vendors before hand—whether in person or through a video call. Going this extra step to be familiar with your vendors will save you a lifetime of stress on the day-of.

Don’t Micromanage. Because you will not able to be present during every step of the planning, set-up, and organization of your destination wedding—and because of the extra complexity created by traveling—don’t freak out when things don’t go according to plan. Do what you can to keep everyone informed and organized, trust your vendors to do their thing, then let yourself go with the flow. It’s a vacation, after all!

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