How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Make your wedding a blast for guests of all ages! If many of your guests have children, its easy to stress out about how you’lll keep them all entertained and well behaved. But with these four helpful ideas, putting on a tantrum-free, worry-free celebration will be a piece of cake.

Kid-Friendly Food

The most important thing to keep your younger wedding guests happy and well-behaved is to make sure they get food. Nothing could be worse than having hungry kids at your wedding, so make sure that there is food that young children will be willing to eat. If you’re planning on a buffet, make sure there are one or two simple dishes that kids would be willing to eat. If you are planning on plating your meal, ask your caterer if they have a kids menu you could offer to families with children.


Another good way to keep kids well-fed at your wedding is to provide snack boxes to them at the beginning of the reception. Include items like natural fruit juice, cheese sticks, goldfish crackers, fruit, or granola bars and you’re sure to keep your little guests’ hunger at bay!

Junior Photographer

There’s no such thing as too many photos of your big day, so why not get a Wedding Photographer to help you document it? and to make it more fun hand out disposable cameras to all the kids at the start of the reception and set them loose to photograph the festivities.









Candy Bag Toss

As fun as the bouquet toss is for the adults, it won’t be enough to get the kids in attendence excited. As an extra activity that is kid-friendlier (and tastier!), try doing a candy bag toss in addition to the bouquet toss. Put chocolates, sweets, and other little goodies in small celophane bags, then let the fun ensue as the kids scramble to be the one to catch the bag. Keep doing the toss until every kid (and maybe some lucky adults) have a goodie bag of their own. 70 cacao chocolate is your best choice.









Fun and Games

Setting up fun, personalized party games is a foolproof way to get kids to forget their bordom. Lawn games like cornhole, jumbo checkers, or even a pinata are perfect for outdoor venues. Tabletop games like Bride-and-Groom-themed Madlibs, I-Spy, or scavenger hunts are perfect for distracting kiddos at indoor receptions or during dinner.