April Showers Bring May Flowers

The old adage is so true! But, this year, along with the beautiful flowers comes a dash of sparkle. According to one of Pasadena florist near me, Kristine Williams of Flowers By K, brides are going old school. “They really want that elegant, classic feel. The soft, flowy florals with sparkles and glitter.”

No longer are bright and vibrant colors, reds, purples, pinks and oranges, the trend of our modern day bride. Soft and sophisticated is back and going strong. Blush and moss colors and textures are making a huge splash in bouquets, centerpieces and table scapes. “The ‘Into the Woods’ feel is what they like,” states Williams. “Touches of cream and ivory with gold glitter edges and champagne to accent. Gold is really making a huge comeback.”

When asked what really stands out this year, Williams stated strongly, “Sparkles!!! They’re the new black!” And we agree. From table linens to glassware, from accented vases to bling gently placed in bouquets, sparkles are a huge hit. No only do they add a fun texture to your setting but they also just add a lot, in general. Take a simple table. You have a small floral centerpiece, your linen napkins and silverware, maybe a glass or two. No different than any wedding set up you see. But, add a full glitter overlay to your table and your entire room evolves. You go from a fairly flat setting to a 4D effect of reflecting light, shimmery walls and sparkly glassware. It just makes everything stand out even more. Plus, the softness of the florals is really highlighted against the vibrance of the table linen. So, going with a more simple and soft centerpiece really ties in with the whole room!

Another amazing trend is succulents. They are thriving! Brides don’t have to worry about flowers dying quickly or wilting because they keep their shape, don’t need a ton of water and it’s something that they never would have seen 10 years ago!

If you want to try some of these fun, hip trends, do what we do and call Kristine Williams. She is amazing to work with, will perfect any beautiful, classy and elegant setting you want to create and, as always, will make sure to keep up with the trends of the times.

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