1.Save The Date


A great way to start your wedding off is by saving the date and sending electronic invites to all of your guests. This will ensure that everyone will receive the invitations and there are even some websites that will allow your guests to RSVP ahead of time. This gives you a good grasp of how many people will be in attendance!

2. The Only Theme Is You

Though we all love a theme, the only theme should be you and your soon to be husband/wife. Let the theme reflect who both of you are as people, not over power your personalities. Really, the wedding day should be about you! Let the theme flourish from what makes you, you! (Sights/Textures/Smells/Etc.)


3. Tell Your Story

Tell your story through the themes you’ve incorporated into your table design, and overall theme. You can easily create points of interest for all aspects of your wedding. Great ways to do this would be by adding personal touches of objects that have significance in your relationship or lives. A great table topper would be of a landmark that represents where the two of you met for the first time, maybe of the Space Needle! But of course tie these in with the colors you have chosen by simply spray-painting them.

4. Thank Your Guests


Finally, thank all of your guests that have come to your wedding! Send hand written thank you letters to all who attended, it’s a great way to show your guests that you really appreciate them coming. Its great to do this within a months time of your wedding date.




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Save the Date


Thank You Letter


Wedding Table