Wedding Planner Myths – What NOT to do on your big day!

If you are getting married, chances are you have watched all the wedding movies throughout your entire life, depicting the best and worst weddings on film – the humor, the drama, the love and the hate. Well, your real wedding can have all of these things if you don’t plan it quite right. So, let me point out a few myths and help you make one of the biggest decisions on your wedding day – can we really do this without a professional wedding planner???

Myth #1 – We don’t need a wedding planner. Our friends and family said they would help us! – Ok, let’s break this one down for you. If you were the VP of a major corporation, would you bring in a family member or friends to plan the biggest meeting of the year with all of your shareholders, principals, and officers?? Probably not! So, why would you ask them to do the job that a professional has worked years on perfecting? The answer is you shouldn’t. Same goes with taking the wedding pictures, even if you might have a family member who takes stunning pictures and posts them on their Instagram, you are still better of using a Lincolnshire photographer as you need perfection above everything else. Sure, your friends and family are the first people you should turn to when you want suggestions on colors, or want to throw out ideas for venues or themes or just want an honest opinion on how the dresses look when you try them on. But, what family and friends often overlook are all the little details that actually make the day go great or turn it into a big bust. Your family, friends and bridal party will need to feel like they are important on that day – that’s why you have shared it with them, asked them to stand up for you and depended on them to support you by attending and watching the ceremony. So, are they the best people to be running around and taking orders from you all day and breaking down tables at midnight, scraping gum up off the floor and throwing out trash in their cocktail dresses? Put yourselves in their shoes – is this the right thing?

Myth #2 – I already have an on-site coordinator so I don’t need a planner! – What a lot of clients don’t understand about the on-site coordinator is that they represent the venue, not the client. So, their main responsibility is making sure that everything with the venue is in order, not with the bride and groom. Sure, they help you with the room set, the caterer (if it’s in-house) and making sure their details of the day go off without a hitch. But, they won’t be there to guarantee that you booked everyone you will need, that all the vendors show up and that you walk down the aisle on time. If you hire an independent wedding planner, such as, you will be at ease knowing that they have finalized a timeline for you, contacted all the vendors and coordinated start times and made sure that you won’t be scrubbing the floors like Cinderella at midnight, but rather driving off in your horse-drawn carriage while your guests wave you off!

Myth #3 – Wedding Planners are too expensive! – Well, not all of us are the Jennifer Lopez’s of the world from The Wedding Planner. Sure, we can put on a event that will make you gasp, giving it the appearance of a million dollar celebration. But, did you know that has wedding packages starting at under $1,000?!?! We are really much more affordable than you think and can tailor a package to fit any budget. The time and energy that a wedding planner will save you, not to mention the thousands of dollars by sharing industry secrets, getting you discounts and helping you make the best choices, is worth every penny. Remember, this is supposed to be the most important day of your life. So, invest in yourself and hire a professional. If it were a business, this wouldn’t even be a question. You deserve to do it the right way!