Innovative Wedding Cake Styles

Wedding Cakes for 2017:

Metallic Cakes. This glamorous styled cake creates a Hollywood feel. Metallic can also adapt to any style: gold embroidery is luxurious while geometric shapes are fresh and modern. If an entire tier of metallic is too much for your wedding, consider adding edible glitter all over instead for a sophisticated touch.

Ruffles. These cakes are elegant and subtle. Their light airy ruffles need little additional detail. Flowers between tiers or sugar flowers on top are a perfect decoration for these cakes. Their simplicity allows them to be perfect for any type wedding.

Naked cakes. These cakes allow you to show off what’s on the inside! The Naked cake appeals to the eye and stomach. Fill the insides with seasonal fruits: berries work well for the summer while apples are perfect for fall.

Painted Cakes. These cakes add personality to any wedding and allow the bride and groom to express themselves. These creations can be anything from marbleized cakes, stained-glass painted cakes, or Monet-inspired cakes.

Lace Cakes. Experienced cake bakers are creating beautifully designed cakes that are reminiscent of gorgeous wedding gowns and many brides desire cakes with matching lace patterns from their dress.

Woodland Cakes. Earthy, whimsical weddings are trending this year so of course they are paired with a cake of the same aesthetic. These delicious simple cakes can be placed on top of a wooden tree ring with moss and leaves or accented with lifelike sugar flowers and leaves.

Buttercream. This style is perfect for a home wedding, or one with a more relaxed vibe. Cakes smothered in buttercream look rustic and imperfect, but homey.


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