Creative and Unique Wedding Ideas

Guest transportation. Make your guests journey from the ceremony to the reception enjoyable and creative. Try a hot air balloon or a carriage ride!

Edible or Reusable Escort Cards. Make cake pops with the guest’s name written in icing or engraved martini glasses that could double as a favor.

Memorable Guest Book. Create a puzzle of you and your partner and have your guests write messages on the back instead of in a book.

Creative Lighting. Project falling leaves or snow depending on the season or geometric pattern on your dance floor to really transform the space.

Grand Entrace. As you and your partner enter the reception for the first time as a married couple, don’t just stroll in, skip, rollerblade, or rope swing in! It will set a fun and energetic vibe for the rest of the night.

Show stopping Exit. Your ceremony exit could be the most photographed moment of your wedding, so give your guests small bags of confetti, paper airplanes, inflatable beach balls, or lavender buds to throw as you leave to create a truly beautiful scene.

Cake Toper. Customize a cake topper to look like you and your partner!

Be Unapologetically Yourself. Involve your dog in the ceremony, walk under lightsabers down the aisle, or make your day you!


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