Here Comes the June Bride!

A big thank you to for sharing with us the meaning behind a “June Bride” and why it has become such a popular month to marry.

According to this site:

The Wedding Month of June

The month of June is the most popular month couples wants to marry, during this month thousands around the world schedule their blessed ceremony of unity on this particular part of the year, that is where the term “June Bride” got coined. According to history, this started from the ancient times where the Pagan goddess “Juno” wes referred to as the goddess of  Marriage and marrying on this month means blessings and prosperity for the couple.  There were also many corollary reasons for brides to consider June weddings. Brides married in June were likely to give birth to a first child in spring (also thought to bring good luck) and recover in time for the fall harvest. During medieval times a person’s annual bath usually fell in May or June, meaning that June brides still smelled relatively fresh (eewwww). But women today considers June wedding for practical reasons such as, nicer colder weather, flower blooms in larger numbers together with accents, are more beautiful due to the non-dry season, and there are more outdoor, garden venues available.

But what’s the deal with the bridesmaids?? Why so many, why all matching gowns? Well, I guess that originally in ancient Rome it was legally required to have 10 witnesses dressed in identical wedding dresses to confuse any evil spirits that may disrupt the ceremony. Over time, that transformed into matching bridesmaid gowns and attendants.

So, for those of you that continue with the traditions, get those matching bridesmaid gowns and don’t forget to shower!! Because, June has arrived.