I know for most of you brides, when you were little, you’d dress up in your mom’s party dresses, tie toilet paper to a headband and wear it like a veil, and dream of the day that your Prince Charming would sweep you off your feet in the most romantic and elaborate wedding of all time. Now, I know that there are a lot of you women out there that are lucky enough for this to happen, sky’s the limit! But, for the rest of the population, weddings are bringing on more stress than excitement. PlanningSavvy.com is here to help!

When we started PlanningSavvy.com, the economy was in the toilet. People were getting laid off work left and right (us included!), families were losing their houses, companies were closing their doors, you get the picture. But, one thing was still happening… People were still getting married! However, what we noticed more so now than ever before was that they were doing their own weddings in back yards, on friend’s properties, at their local church for free or eloping. The reason why was because this industry got so inflated that they could not afford the standard wedding expenses like before. And, they were getting engaged 1-3 years before the actual ceremony to save money to pay for things.

So, we got to thinking. Why not offer these happily engaged couples a little more bang for their buck? I mean, we all know there are budding photographers and incredible caterers with low overhead costs that can pass along these savings to their customers. Thus the birth of PlanningSavvy.com. We offer savvy priced vendors and venues a place to advertise their incredible event businesses, while offering the cost-conscious consumer a place to find all the people they need for their wedding at a great price. It’s that simple. Now, I know that deep down we would all LOVE to have no budget, throw out a Pitt-Jolie wedding fit for stars, but why not have an intimate gathering at a beautiful, local location, with incredible food, drinks flowing, everlasting moments captured on film and dancing into the wee hours of the morning? AND, make it affordable!

So whether you are going all out  or minding a budget, there’s no reason not to save some money and really research your vendors. Trust me, you can find a fantastic photographer for under $2500 and an incredibly scrumptious caterer less than $100 per head! This is your time to close your eyes and make your wedding dreams come true, not put yourself into a financial tailspin. Congratulations and enjoy your big day!!
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