Trying to incorporate every aspect of your wedding in the invitations

Lss is more with wedding invitations. Chose just one aspect of your wedidng you love to highlight in the invitations. 

Using too much color

Balence bright colors with neutral ones and make sure the text is readable!

Giving guests too much time to reply

If you allow your guests too much time to RSVP, those cards may get lost. Give your guests three to four weeks after they get the invitation to respond. 

Ordering the right amount of invitations

Remember you don't have to send an invitation to everyone, look at your guest list to see how many houses you'll be sending invites to. 

Check for typos! 

It may have been a while since you've taken a high school English class, so ask a friend to read over your invitations just in case. 

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Here is your guide for what flowers are in season when so you can start planning your perfect wedding with beautiful, in bloom flowers!

Peruvian Lily (in season all year; colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, lavendar, purple, flecked)

Amaryllis (in season November through April; colors: white, yellow, green, pink, red, burgundy)

Anemone (November thorugh May, but primarily spring; colors: white, pink, purple, magenta, burgundy)

Bouvardia (in season year round; colors: white, peach, pink, red)

Calla Lily (in season year round, in its peak winter to spring; colors: ivory, yellow, orange, light/dark pink, red, dark burgundy)

Carnation (in season year round; color: white, yellow, apricot, pale/dark pink, red, burgundy, flecks)

(and of course...)

Rose (in season year rond; colors: white, cream, yellow, apricot, orange, pale/dark pink, red, burgundy, lavendar)

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Guest transportation. Make your guests journey from the ceremony to the reception enjoyable and creative. Try a hot air balloon or a carriage ride!

Edible or Reusable Escort Cards. Make cake pops with the guest’s name written in icing or engraved martini glasses that could double as a favor.


Memorable Guest Book. Create a puzzle of you and your partner and have your guests write messages on the back instead of in a book.


Creative Lighting. Project falling leaves or snow depending on the season or geometric pattern on your dance floor to really transform the space.


Grand Entrace. As you and your partner enter the reception for the first time as a married couple, don’t just stroll in, skip, rollerblade, or rope swing in! It will set a fun and energetic vibe for the rest of the night.


Show stopping Exit. Your ceremony exit could be the most photographed moment of your wedding, so give your guests small bags of confetti, paper airplanes, inflatable beach balls, or lavender buds to throw as you leave to create a truly beautiful scene.


Cake Toper. Customize a cake topper to look like you and your partner!

Be Unapologetically Yourself. Involve your dog in the ceremony, walk under lightsabers down the aisle, or make your day you!



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Wedding Cakes for 2017:

Metallic Cakes. This glamorous styled cake creates a Hollywood feel. Metallic can also adapt to any style: gold embroidery is luxurious while geometric shapes are fresh and modern. If an entire tier of metallic is too much for your wedding, consider adding edible glitter all over instead for a sophisticated touch.


Ruffles. These cakes are elegant and subtle. Their light airy ruffles need little additional detail. Flowers between tiers or sugar flowers on top are a perfect decoration for these cakes. Their simplicity allows them to be perfect for any type wedding.  

Naked cakes. These cakes allow you to show off what’s on the inside! The Naked cake appeals to the eye and stomach. Fill the insides with seasonal fruits: berries work well for the summer while apples are perfect for fall.


Painted Cakes. These cakes add personality to any wedding and allow the bride and groom to express themselves. These creations can be anything from marbleized cakes, stained-glass painted cakes, or Monet-inspired cakes.


Lace Cakes. Experienced cake bakers are creating beautifully designed cakes that are reminiscent of gorgeous wedding gowns and many brides desire cakes with matching lace patterns from their dress.


Woodland Cakes. Earthy, whimsical weddings are trending this year so of course they are paired with a cake of the same aesthetic. These delicious simple cakes can be placed on top of a wooden tree ring with moss and leaves or accented with lifelike sugar flowers and leaves.


Buttercream. This style is perfect for a home wedding, or one with a more relaxed vibe. Cakes smothered in buttercream look rustic and imperfect, but homey.



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Come see all of these popular wedding dress styles for the 2017 wedding season. According to, oversized bows are back ladies!! But, wait, there's so much more. From pretty in pink to plunging necklines, this year has it all. Check it out!


Pink Dresses:


3D Florals: 

Plunging Necklines:

Cut Outs:

High Low:

Bold Florals:

Off-the Shoulder:


Long Sleeves:



Long Curls:

Beautiful Updo:

Deliecate Braids: 

Retro Inspired Hairstyles:

Flower Crowns: 

Short Hair:


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Recently gotten engaged and have started to plan your magical day? First, congratulations! Second, get ready, you have a lot of exciting work ahead. So, before you begin making arrangements, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1.      Limit your DIY projects. While it is nice and cost-saving to create special and personal touches for your day, limit yourself to only one or two hand-crafted additions. These projects take time and can become a burden with everything else that needs to be done before a wedding.


2.      Keep your guest list in mind when choosing a location. Sometimes you have to choose between the extra thirty guests or the ballroom you’ve always dreamed of tying the knot in. After all, nothing is worse than having an overcrowded reception or a half empty dance floor.

3.      Don’t trust the forecast. Even California rains on the occasion. It is vital to have a backup plan in case things get stormy.


4.      Capture the day. Whether you’re hosting an extravagant wedding or a simple at home one, select a photographer that will match you and your partner’s style. Additionally, consider hiring a videographer. Many brides look back on their wedding day wishing they could relive it. 

5.      Have fun! This means enjoying all wedding-related appointments, because there will be many, and invite people you know won’t cause anxiety. Also, try not to stress over small mishaps during your actual wedding, five years from now all that will matter is how much fun you and your partner shared together that night. Finally, be present in each moment. Every bride comments that her day goes by so quickly, so remember to appreciate every second of your special day before it ends. 


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The colors you chose for your big day are a reflection of your style. However, if you need a little nudge discovering that style or want some inspiration here are the top ten wedding color combinations of 2017!

Natural, white, and green (think outdoor—forest--wedding)


Mauve, grey, and neutral (these colors could come alive in a simple and industrial wedding)


Navy, coral, and gold (these would pair well with the colors of the sea and a beach)

Cranberry, orange, and ivory (would be complimented by an elegant ballroom in the fall)


Peach, gold, and green (could belong in an elegant backyard wedding)


Red, dark, and grey (cobblestones and twinkly lights can brighten this beautiful scheme up!)


Gold, burgundy, and green (this color combination would create a fairytale dream world!)


Fun tip: Any color combination with neutral shades is perfect for the “bride who wants to achieve a classic, sophisticated feel that won’t seem dated or look too trendy in years to come,” says Michelle Cousins from Michelle Leo Events in Utah.


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The first trend is vintage glamor. This style of wedding would be hosted in a warehouse with twinkling lights hung above. Think rustic and industrial, but elegant and beautiful.

The venue a couple choses is always important. But instead of picking a beach or beautiful ballroom, consider the simple option of a large plot of land and/or a distinct building. With no limitations from the chosen scenery, couples are able to “really personalize their wedding and help them tell their unique story,” says Amy Cagginello, founder of Amy Champagne Events in Connecticut.


An obvious trend is flowers! This year, peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias and other “soft-petal” blooms are in high demand because “they epitomize romance,” says Zoe Gallina, creative director of Botanica international Floral Design in Florida. At the other end of the spectrum though, pink-ice protea create a natural yet elegant arrangement.


The fourth trend is to celebrate where you’re from! More and more couples today are taking pride in where they’re from and choosing to host their wedding in their hometown. So, local specialties are taking the spotlight. This makes the celebration increasingly special for the bride and groom and more exciting for the guests.

While creativity is new and fun and cake pops or cupcakes instead of cake creates a memorable twist, tall tiered cakes are back in style. In other sweet news, dessert tables allow a second cocktail hour and provide guests with more ways to mingle and keep the energy going for longer and later in the night. 



Another popular trend is capturing the day with flare! Photo booths are being used in new and creative ways: there is a slo-mo booth, an animated GIF booth, a flip-book booth, and more. These photo booths also send content directly to the guest’s smartphones. They also keep the energy flowing and is another way to connect guests. Additionally, many couples chose the Instagram package from videographers to create a 60 to 90 second trailer of their day. Drone footage is also an option for couples who want another unique perspective of their day.


As an Event Planner, we have couples discuss the option of just saying forget it and running off into the sunset and getting married on the beach somewhere, all the time. Well, it really does happen! And, sometimes we are just lucky enough to tag along and plan the event as well. But, for others, this process becomes a thought out, pros and cons list of what is realistic and what is not, to see if getting married in their home town or in their dream town is where they are going to say "I do!"


Getting married, unfortunately, isn't just about the couple anymore. It's about the parents, the attendants, the families, the friends, the colors, the table decor, the wedding they just went to and not wanting to have the same style or flowers, or God forbid, the same venue! *gasp!!!* These days, it's all about pleasing everyone - passing down your great grandmother's dress, having an awesome engagement party for your bridal party, pleasing the inlaws at a family dinner, wearing your new mother-in-law's family pearls, saying the family prayer before dinner etc... etc... etc... As you can see, a wedding is a huge production anymore. And, the pressure of it all is more than most can possibly bear. So, the appeal of running away is becoming bigger and better than every before. But, before you throw in the towel and join the masses on the next plane out for Tahiti, let me bring a few things to your attention:


1. Be Ready For The Bottom Line - Just like buying a luxury sedan vs. a two-door economy vehicle, when you go to a vacation spot for beautiful wedding, regardless of the size, it is a commodity and it is going to cost a pretty penny. And, in most cases, destination weddings for 20 people can be significantly more expensive than weddings for 200 back home. There are very few places to have these beautiful weddings, with accommodations, reception areas, views, caterers, flowers, photographers, (you get the picture!) and they are going to cost you because, well, as long as people keep coming, they can charge whatever they want! It's a supply and demand item. There is a limited supply and a huge demand. You don't know the area as well as they do, you are coming from far away and the last thing you want to do when you get there is scramble to find all these vendors or a venue when you do arrive. So, you book a package, everything included, you arrive, you get pampered, everything is perfectly set and ready to go, you walk down the aisle overlooking the most amazing beach, waves crashing in the background, the sun is setting and, voila, you are married. No arguing, no stressing out, no traditions you don't want, no ugly dresses passed down, only the things that matter to you. And, you only have to invite the people you want to be there, if anyone. Heck, they will even provide witnesses if you choose to only have the two of you there!! Again, you paid top dollar for perfection. So, enjoy every last penny of it!


2. If You Invite Guests, It's No Longer Just Your Wedding - That's right! If you do decide to make this an intimate wedding with 30 of your favorite friends and family invited to join you, this no longer becomes a "wedding" for them. This is now their "vacation". Believe me, we've all been in this boat. We all want to say that you are their top priority and that you are the number one reason for every minute they are there. But, deep down we all know that unless you pay for all their travel arrangements - airfare, hotel, car, food etc... - this is their time and their money and, thus, their vacation. So, no matter how unselfish we all wish we say we want to be, when it comes to our time and money, well, you just can't have it all! Therefore, when booking excursions, appointments, meetings and group events, keep in mind that your friends and family will be hoping to take some time on this trip to wander off and have some alone time. It's definitely fun to do one or two big group events but also keep in mind that having every minute planned will make some frazzled nerves and grow tension with the guests. If you plan on having meetings with the bridal party at the venue, make it in the morning so they have the rest of the day to have fun with their significant others or families. And, just maybe, they will want to do a group activity instead! It just might work to your benefit in the long run. Make a calendar for the week when everyone is arriving and departing so that the entire group knows who is coming and going. That way, making plans will be easy for everyone. Also, if you plan on doing a group event, let everyone know far in advance so that they can schedule plans around it. Obviously a rehearsal dinner the night before is assumed or expected so that is an easy one! And, if you weren't planning one, take advantage of that night to do a group activity instead - maybe book a luau or a boat excursion. Something fun for your entire group. You know your guests better than everyone so keep in mind who can stay out late, who needs sitters, who wants to party and who wants some one-on-one time with their spouse. You will win some bonus points and have a better turnout in the long run with overall guests on this trip, plus with the activities you do book with the whole group. Don't forget, small group events are great too. It's wonderful in an environment like this to have bonding time with your mom, aunts or bridal party. So, take advantage!


3. Exciting Does Not Always Equal Economical - Remember when you asked your Maid of Honor to stand up for you? And she was so excited and said of course? Well, that was when she knew you were getting married in the same town. Down the road. Less than 30 minutes away. Did I mention in the same town? Well, when you changed your wedding to a destination wedding, did you think to ask your wedding party again or did you just "tell" them it was now a destination wedding? Surprise!!! You may have sent more than one of your wedding party attendants into a tail spin, at a local bar, breathing into a paper bag, crying on a friend's shoulder or all of the above. What you may have overlooked was the fact that YOU were planning an expensive wedding and were budgeting thousands of dollars for an upcoming event, they were not. That's right, your wedding party attendants were planning on buying/renting a dress/suit, getting some jewelry and shoes, planning a fun bachelor/bachelorette party and a gift or two. What they weren't planning on was airfare, hotel for a week, rental car, excursions, dining out in expensive restaurants three meals a day for seven days, and the list goes on... So, before you get totally excited for the 6 or 8 or however many of you going on an awesome trip together, you might want to sit down with your soon to be spouse and come up with a way to break it to your wedding party that you have decided to move the wedding to a destination location. Whether it was due to crazy family drama or too much to plan with 200 guests or you just didn't want a big wedding in the first place, you owe that much to the best friends you both have! Then, they deserve a few days to mull it over and decide it they can afford to join you. If you really love them, you will also let them know that you totally understand if they cannot make the big jaunt and they will be with you in spirit. And, you all can do an engagement party before you depart instead or a celebratory dinner when you return! That way, they can still be a big part of their special day without needing to make the huge, and expensive, trek to the destination. In this case, maybe have a cousin, the fun aunt or a long-time friend from college step in, that you know for sure is coming. Or, if equal attendants on each side bow out, then just have a smaller wedding party. In a destination setting, having a more intimate party is perfectly acceptable!


4. Planning Is For Planners - As your wedding date gets closer and all the details are coming together, your airfare is booked, the hotel is confirmed, the guest list is set, and the venue is chosen, then what? Are you going to plan the rest of the wedding yourself? Do you know any local vendors or did you bring them all with you? Did the venue provide you with a list or do you have to find them all on your own? Have you looked into the customs of the destination already? If you have picked a location outside of your native homeland, what are the laws involved with getting a marriage license? Will you be legally wed or will you have to perform your vows again once you return home in front of a judge to make it legally binding? Will you have to do anything else? A lot of details go into planning a wedding so are you up to the challenge? It's one thing doing it in the comfort of your own "backyard." It's an entirely different thing doing it in a strange place or foreign land where you don't know anyone or anything, have no idea what the laws are or who to ask to find out if you are even following them. This is where I highly recommend hiring an event planner. Whether it is one that is local and is with the venue that you just booked or one that specializes in destination weddings and can come with you, these are your greatest resources! And, I'm not talking about your best friend that is volunteering to take on the task or your mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law that knows the island "like the back of her hand". This does not now, nor will it ever, make them a wedding planner! Kindly thank them for the offer but remind them that they, too, are your guests and you want them to be able to enjoy all that you have in store for them when you arrive. And, if they are planning the wedding then who will be getting you down the aisle when they are down front standing up for you or in the front row taking their place in their assigned seats? Just because they know the island or are an eager friend, they do not know the local vendors or have "in's" with the best baker in town to get you that perfect dream cake you have always wanted. A planner will take off the stress, handle all the details, right down to the cake cutting and signing the marriage license, and will help you get down the aisle on time, make sure you get all those perfect photos and enjoy a wonderful, relaxing reception with your guests, while all your vendors handle all the behind-the-scenes work for you. I know it is another expense on the bottom line but this one is well worth the money. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is working! So, spend a little extra to make sure you don't have to. 


Well, now you are set and ready to roll. Take your time and weigh out your options before you hop on that flight. Destination weddings can be absolutely amazing if you do them right!