Tips I Wish I’d Known Before Planning My Wedding:

Recently gotten engaged and have started to plan your magical day? First, congratulations! Second, get ready, you have a lot of exciting work ahead. So, before you begin making arrangements, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1.      Limit your DIY projects. While it is nice and cost-saving to create special and personal touches for your day, limit yourself to only one or two hand-crafted additions. These projects take time and can become a burden with everything else that needs to be done before a wedding.


2.      Keep your guest list in mind when choosing a location. Sometimes you have to choose between the extra thirty guests or the ballroom you’ve always dreamed of tying the knot in. After all, nothing is worse than having an overcrowded reception or a half empty dance floor.

3.      Don’t trust the forecast. Even California rains on the occasion. It is vital to have a backup plan in case things get stormy.


4.      Capture the day. Whether you’re hosting an extravagant wedding or a simple at home one, select a photographer that will match you and your partner’s style. Additionally, consider hiring a videographer. Many brides look back on their wedding day wishing they could relive it.

5.      Have fun! This means enjoying all wedding-related appointments, because there will be many, and invite people you know won’t cause anxiety. Just visit this website for more information. Also, try not to stress over small mishaps during your actual wedding, five years from now all that will matter is how much fun you and your partner shared together that night. Finally, be present in each moment. Every bride comments that her day goes by so quickly, so remember to appreciate every second of your special day before it ends.


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