Now we all know the classic wedding cake scene, your hubby and you stuffing each other’s faces with frosted pieces of cake, the photographer takes pictures, everyone laughs, cheers and giggles. But all good jokes aside, you did just spend a TON of money on your wedding dress! And your guests are wearing their best possible attire. So… why not have a cute, calorie-conscious, way to serve your cake? 


Cake-Cups are your answer. These single-serve cakes are just the thing you need for your guests and yourself. Use a spoon or a fork to consume, and add a wonderful ribbon for design (I hear grey and yellows are really in this year). A calorie, conscious option for you or your guests, that is perfect for the day’s events!


Lemon raspberry getting ready for the last layer.


Yet, nothing is set in stone! You can still have a wonderful wedding cake to your like. But if you’re looking for a cleaner option for your guests and yourself, try the cake cups! Definitely a fun way to breathe new-life into your wedding cake.


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