We all want to look fabulous of our special day. Yet, we don’t want to look all caked up with make up! So here are a couple of celebrity inspired makeup looks for that just right, wedding night look.


First we start with Julianne Hough at the Met Gala. Her mega lashes give her makeup a great edge to it, while keeping the rest of the face neutral. To get the inspired look, ask your makeup artist (or DIY), to add mascara to the natural upper lashes and then add falsies, starting form the center and applying outward. Then clump together four individual lashes to the bottom lash line, giving you that edge you’ve always wanted, without all the cakey-ness.


Second we have Emmy Rossum with a very dewy, iridescent look, perfect for a fairy tale wedding. This is a great look for any bride that wants to glow on her big day with a sultry appeal. To get the look, toss the black eyeliner and go for a navy or violet for a softer look, keep the rest of the face demi-matte and be sure to visit a Microblading London branch. This is a great look for women with brown or green eyes, navy and purple really help make the eyes pop for this sultry look.


And for our final look, we have Naomi Harris at the Cannes screen festival. Her look was very icy, great for a winter wedding. To get this sexy silver siren look for your wedding day, you definitely want to add a silver shimmer to the eyes. To keep this look balanced, you need to add a tight line of eyeliner, and keep the bottom waterline free of any liner or mascara. You want to omit any blush, and contour to keep the look edgy. This makeup is perfect for women with darker complexions, silver really makes the eyes pop! 




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Julianne Hough-Bold Lashes


Emmy Rossum- Dewy Finish


Naomi Harris