Wedding Games


Ever wonder how to make your reception extra fun on your wedding day? Well great ways to pack more punch to your reception would be to schedule personalized wedding games. A great way to personalize is a game of Guess Who, with the brides’ family and friends on one board and the grooms family and friends on the other. This is a great way to learn each others faces and names! 


Another great way to engage your guests is a game of Stand Up, Sit Down; literally asking your guests to stand up and sit down after reading out hilarious statements that may apply to them! Like, “if the month you were born in is a prime number, sit down. If you had to ask what a prime number is, sit down,” and so on. The last guest standing gets a prize!


And for a for a final group activity, you can incorporate the Shoe Game. This is a game where couples sit back to back, are asked to switch one shoe with each other, and then are asked a series of questions about their relationship. They then raise the shoe of the person who has the best answer to the question.  



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Guess Who

Stand Up, Sit Down

Shoe Game