Wedding Cake Q&A

For all of our soon to be brides and grooms, we all know its stressful when you start to plan your wedding. There’s always that question of where to start; well a great place to start would be the cake. We have compiled a set of three of the most important questions you should be asking your baker as soon as you start the wedding process:

1.      How long in advanced are wedding cakes prepared?

This is a great thing to ask your baker is the length of time in advanced that the baker will bake the cake. The sooner to your wedding day the better! The cake will keep fresh longer!

2.      How are the wedding cakes priced, do they include the top tier?

It is common that wedding cakes are priced by the slice, and vary on the complexity of your wedding cakes flavor profiles and design. As well as some bakers may or may not have already accounted for the top tier of the cake. Don’t forget, the more complex of a cake, the higher the cost.

3.      Is the baker licensed by the state?

Another great question to ask your baker is if they’re licensed by the state. I know it sounds silly, but it’s worth verifying that your baker is state certified by the department of health.



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