Vintage Ambiance

Vintage Ambiance is an event rental company that stands out in a variety of ways. Most central is that we rent unique and authentic vintage architectural elements, furniture and props. Our years of experience in using and repurposing vintage objects allows us to help you visualize how our inventory can be used to create very specific, personal, and one-of-a-kind vignettes. We also travel extensively and our inventory is purchased in Europe as well as from multiple regions across the United States.

We consider each event to be a story, and Vintage Ambiance loves to be a part of creating the setting to support it. Here are just a few examples of the stories we have participated in:

*An outdoor/natural wedding included freestanding English gates and tall French shutters.

*Our gorgeous 1930’s blue velvet settee surrounded by locally grown pumpkins and gourds, inspired a real-life Cinderella wedding.

* Enlarged 1900 tinted French postcards were a perfect detail to a vintage Paris party.

*A 1920’s travel themed event used our working 1920’s Victrola and stacks of vintage trunks to showcase the model cars.

*Old style Hollywood was re-created using a 1950’s pink zebra-striped couch with old projectors, film reels, and crystal lighting. We love to inspire and assist you in making your event special and memorable!


  • Furniture
  • Tableware
  • Props
  • Architectural Elements

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