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Our company idea was created summer of 2003 when we had to plan our 425+ persons wedding at a well-known wedding facility in Seattle…but they had PINK stacking chairs and it definitely clashed with our orange/peach color theme. So we came up with a solution by renting white chair covers and matching white organza sashes for our special day. We started looking into it more seriously, and after much research looking on the web and calling around, we found only a few places that did linen rentals in Washington and some online companies from clear across the USA. The prices were not affordable. We resorted to ordering our chair covers from Vancouver, B.C. at half the price but had to drive 3 hours each way to pick-them up and return them…but we were willing to do whatever it took to make our day look like how we envisioned it.
Chair covers make a world of difference at your wedding or any other event. The extra costs are worth it because you will look back at your pictures and see how beautiful the chair covers made your place look. We can tell you from our experience that this was something that was definitely worth the time and money to do…especially on our once in a lifetime day…
In Summer of 2004, we decided to put that vision into reality and wanted to make it easier for anyone that was planning an event to be able to rent good quality and affordable chair covers in the Greater Northwest, thus the creation of: l & m chair covers.
We look forward to making your next event…more beautiful with our chair covers.


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