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When you book a portrait session with me, I want you, your child or your entire family to feel relaxed and have fun! Too often I hear, “I hate getting my picture taken,” (school portrait flashback-ugh!). Nobody wants to sit still, put on a forced smile and be positioned with their head just so. Let’s not even mention the harsh lights of the mall… I personally want to have fun, so I try and make it fun for you too. Instead of having you hold a pose, I will suggest a situation and let you go with it. With family or couples sessions, I want to photograph you interacting with each other. I am giddy when I capture those little moments of genuine joy and looks of love… How lucky am I?!…


If you are looking for a picturesque background, I have some suggestions. While I will always showcase you, the background can also tell a story… I think the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and excited about the shoot. If there is a place that is meaningful to you, that is the best place to go.


  • Weddings
  • Engagement Photos
  • Special Occasions
  • Family Portraits
  • Children and four-legged children

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