FOODZ Catering

Foodz Catering is quite simply one of the very best catering companies in Seattle. Our team of culinary artists is passionate about food; our event planning professionals live to create memorable ‘wow’ experiences that look and feel effortless.

Led by internationally trained Executive Chef Shelby Sewell, Foodz Catering is known for luscious flavors and authentic menus from around the world. Our equal dedication to sustainable practices, local growers, dazzling presentations, and impeccable service earns us countless raves, reviews and awards throughout Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or reception, celebrating a special birthday, anniversary or reunion, or if you’re looking for professionals who are adept at handling corporate events, give us a call, and discover the difference that Foodz Catering can make.

Foodz Catering exists to create beautiful, enjoyable experiences that tantalize the senses of taste, smell, touch and sight, and later reward the mind and heart with lifelong memories.

We use nothing but the finest ingredients to craft exquisitely delectable food — artful and pleasing to the eye, while thoroughly delightful to the palate.

By developing an intuitive relationship with our clients, we provide personal service perfectly tailored to their taste, style, vision and desired experience.


  • Weddings
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Catered luncheons
  • Elegant sit-down dinners
  • Cooking classes

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Chef Shelby Sewell
(206) 297-9634
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