Dante’s Inferno Dogs

Dante’s Inferno Dogs operate 10 carts in-and-around Seattle. The carts have been as far North as Bellingham, as far South as Olympia and have been at most place in between. Inferno Dogs specialize in privately hosted catered events featuring a meticulously clean operation and offering the best products and service.

A Dante’s Inferno Dogs catered event includes Dante’s Classic 100% Beef Franks and Zenner’s Double Smoked Bacon Cheddar, Chicken Basil w/ Sundried Tomato, and Bratwurst sausages. We also offer Field Roast Veggie sausages too! A Mexican Chipotle (spicy) and an Apple Sage (mild). All dogs are cooked and dressed to order. A variety of chips and beverages will also be provided. The carts are 100% self-contained and only require a level 10×10 area to operate. We can accommodate both indoor and outdoor events with the full size outdoor cart and the indoor MINI. Inferno Dogs is also fully insured and will handle all permits required.


  • Weddings
  • Corporate meetings
  • Catered luncheons
  • Special events

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Dante Rivera
(206) 283-3647
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Dantes Inferno Dogs