What to wear – no longer does the rule of not being allowed to wear white or black to weddings exist! Unless you are apart of the bridal party, you are allowed wear whatever attire you want, here is a great wedding guest attire tips in case you need help – as long as you don’t upstage the bride or dress like you are attending a funeral!

Is cash an okay gift to give to a couple? Yes! Most couples will not be offended and will appreciate whatever you have to offer. Gift giving can be tricky and using the registry is highly recommended. You may also think you are off the hook when it comes to giving a gift if you can’t make it to the wedding, however, a gift is still expected. But sincere hand written cards are always a great option if you are ever stuck with money!

Clearing up the “+1” – who exactly do they mean when they say plus one? You can bring anyone you are close to, a good friend, significant other, sibling, etc. However a plus one almost never means a child, toddler, or baby. Unless stated on the invitation, children are often not the preferred plus one candidate.

Is tipping necessary at weddings? It really depends on the environment. If there is an open bar with a busy bar tender, it is highly recommended and appreciated if you give ‘em a buck or two. However if it is a parking valet or waiter, the tip is most likely already included in the overall cost of the wedding and venue. But I am sure a couple of dollars here and there would be appreciated by the staff and the couple!

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