Social Media Etiquette: The Wedding

Social Media is everything in this day and age. We are all so accustomed to snapping and posting pictures online for all our friends and family to see. However, today we want to discuss the proper etiquette for dealing with the wedding. With the rise of wedding and photo sharing apps, some couples may decide they want to create a hash tag to accompany the big day. The big question is how appropriate is it to post pictures of the big day?


Well the golden rule here is to STOP and put down the phone, it’s a wedding! Don’t waste your time on social media when there’s time to celebrate. Be gracious and enjoy the time you have with each other.


Another golden rule of the wedding is to allow the newly weds to post their wedding pictures first. DON’T be overzealous and post ahead of them, it may cause some unwanted conflicts in the future and no one wants that!


And for our final rule, DO ask if the happy couple wants their wedding photos posted on social media. Don’t ever assume its okay to snap and post, always ask ahead of time out of politeness and respect for the newly weds. But just remember to have fun too! It’s a wedding, and a time for celebration! Put down the phone and party on!



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