While we all know that the rain is common in here in Washington, we don’t always think: “What would happen if it rained cats and dogs on my big day??” To help you avoid a damp wedding, we’ve compiled a list of ways to not let the rain ruin your parade!

Do your research and have a backup plan:

We all know that it tends to rain when you least expect in here in the Pacific Northwest. That being said, do your research. Make sure you know if your wedding date occurs within a particularly wet month, and if it does, plan ahead. If you want that beautiful outdoor farm wedding, make sure you’ve got the accommodations in case the rain comes falling down. Perhaps you can book a tent and be wary of the cancellation date in case the weather turns out great. Or you can book a venue that has indoor as well as outdoor space so that you can easily move your ceremony or reception to a covered area.

Plan for the Worst:

When creating your backup plan, plan for the worst. Think torrential down pour as opposed to a light misting.

Make sure you’ve got your “fashionable rain accessories” on hand:

Whether it’s fun rain boots for all of your brides maids, or matching umbrellas for your wedding party, don’t let grim weather dampen the mood on your big day.

Have towels to dry off:

While you won’t want to be wet and miserable, neither do your guests. Make sure there are small towels on hand that guests can use if they happen to get wet, or to wipe off a seat or a table.

Don’t forget the photographs:

I’ve heard that overcast, rainy weather often has the best lighting when it comes to photographs. Talk to your photographer and ask what he thinks about taking pictures when it’s raining outside.

Remember, you’re in love and about to marry the person of your dreams!!

If you’ve sufficiently planned ahead there should be nothing left to do but enjoy your day. After all, if Noah and Allie can have romance in the rain, so can you!!